Personal Injury Solicitors* Dublin

Have you been injured in due to the carelessness or a third party? Contact the offices of Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today to discuss your options.
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Personal Injury Solicitors* Dublin

Do you require a Personal Injury Solicitor* in Dublin?
Following an injury, Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors provides clients with professional, experienced and expert legal advice and legal representation. If you have suffered a personal injury in or around Dublin, you may be entitled to legal redress.

From individuals who have been injured in road traffic accidents to people injured at work, our diligent, sensitive and understanding solicitors, help our clients understand their legal standing. We can advise clients in minutes on how best to proceed -- in a legal sense -- following a personal injury.
Our Dublin based solicitors keep clients informed at every stage of the legal proceedings, explaining the specifics of their case in plain, easy to understand English.

Need a Personal injury Solicitor* in Dublin? Get in contact with Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today.
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Why should you Choose Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors to process your Personal Injury Claim?*

Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors have years of legal experience specialising in personal injury in and around Dublin.
Our firm has assisted clients injured due to road traffic collisions, unsafe working conditions, or due to the actions of a negligent colleague in a work environment.
Our team understand the distress and disruption an injury can cause to the lifestyle of the injured party. As such all our legal advice and recommendations are delivered with sensitivity, compassion and understanding.
With Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors, injured parties are given expert legal advice in a safe, construct and highly professional environment.

For more information on our Dublin personal injury* solicitors, get in contact with Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today.
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Different Types of Personal Injury Claims*

From our offices in Dublin, our personal injury solicitors can assist injured parties in seeking the legal redress they deserve.
Our personal injury solicitors assist with:

  • Employers Liability

  • Car Crash Claims / Road Traffic Accidents*

  • Public Liability / Accidents in Public

  • Occupiers Liability

  • Accident at Work*

  • Product Liability

  • Motorcycle Accidents

To speak to a personal injury solicitor in Dublin, get in contact with Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today.
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