Personal Injury Solicitors

Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors are professional Dublin based personal injury solicitors. We offer professional advice on all aspects of personal injury.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors is a nationwide personal injury solicitor. We have offices in Cork, Galway and Dublin. However, we currently specialise in personal injury legal advice and representation in Dublin.

We have an extensive staff of specialist personal injury solicitors that focus on areas as diverse as road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, general personal injury claims and medical negligence claims.

We have assisted hundreds of clients get the legal redress they deserve following an accident.

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Not sure what your legal options are? Schedule a consolation with one of our Dublin personal injury solicitors today.

Accidents At Work Dublin

Unfortunately, workplace accidents are an all too common occurrence in Ireland. On average over 7000 non-fatal workplace accidents are reported to the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland. Workplace accidents can potentially have a devastating effect on the victim and can lead to long-term pain, loss of earnings during recuperation and expensive medical bills.

To schedule a consultation with our team of accident at work solicitors, contact our Dublin solicitor’s offices today.

Road Traffic Accidents Dublin

In Ireland, thousands of road traffic accidents occur every year and can involve everyone from a vehicle driver to a cyclist to a pedestrian. If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident please contact our road traffic accident solicitors today.

We are available to discuss the details of your accidents and advise if pursuing a personal injury claim is in your best interests.

To schedule a consolation with our medical negligence solicitors, get in contact with Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today.

Medical Negligence Solicitors

We are one of Dublin’s most experienced medical negligence solicitors. Medical negligence is a specialist and complex legal area. Cases can last years as it can be difficult to establish medical negligence.

Our sensitive and understanding solicitors talk you through every aspect of your case and can advice on where you stand legally.

To schedule a consolation with or medical negligence solicitors, get in contact with Finghín O’Driscoll Solicitors today.

Personal Injury Solicitors FAQ

  • How much do solicitors charge for personal injury claims in Ireland

    The cost of pursuing a personal injury claim in Ireland is dependent on many factors. At Finghin O'Driscoll we advise on costs at the onset and won’t take a case if we feel it’s unlikely to be successful.

    Most personal injury cases don’t end up in court. Instead, they are referred to the injuries board. The injuries board access the details of the case and will award a settlement amount. If both the claimant and defendant agree to this number, the payment is made and the case is settled. When this happens the claimant's solicitor's costs are subtracted from this settlement.

    Sometimes, the defendants’ legal team may look to agree on a settlement after the claim has been sent to the injuries board but before the injuries board announces their decision. If a settlement amount is agreed upon at this stage of the process, the claimant’s legal costs are usually paid out of this settlement.

    If the defendant's legal team refuses to pay the legal costs at this juncture, the case will remain with the injuries board.

    It’s very important to remember that no matter at what stage of proceedings the case settles on, a solicitor’s fee cannot be calculated as a percentage of the final settlement. Solicitor’s fees are calculated based on the work and time spent on an individual case.

    Solicitor/client Fees are costs a solicitor will charge to the client directly. These are fees that cannot be recovered from the defendant and are billed directly to the client. At Finghin O'Driscoll Solicitors we advise on these fees at the outset of your case.

  • What questions should I ask a Personal Injury Solicitor during my first consultation?

    To make sure you and your personal injury solicitor are a good fit we advise asking the below questions during that first consultation

    - What are your areas of expertise, e.g. have you ligated a case like mine before?
    - What is your honest assessment of the case at this early juncture?
    - How likely is it that my case will end up in the courts?
    - How long will it take to settle my personal injury claim.